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The Cannabis Corner Episode 44

This episode gets started with an announcement that The Cannabis Corner can now be found in the Tacoma Public Library in their Special Collections section along with two other Radio Tacoma shows,  + a thank you to Suzanne Skaar  of No, Mine! Studios for the new show logo. 


                The news briefs for this week get going with an FDA warning to parents to watch out for brand name candy; THC look a-likes, followed by a chat about Miami's first dispensary, a New York Senator's proposal for community cannabis gardens and Zimbabwe's announcement they will be building a $27 million medical cannabis facility and Thailand passing out 1 million cannabis plants.


                This week Michael Sassano of Somai Pharmaceuticals , a Lisbon, Portugal based cannabis pharmaceutical manufacturer , joins the Corner to share his thoughts on Germany's health minister embracing adult use cannabis, countries like Zimbabwe becoming large scale cannabis producers and he gives some insights on the question "How can cannabis pharmaceuticals and traditional/legacy cannabis coexist."

It's A bust:

                IAB travels back down to Alabama where a CBD store was raided, despite the police not knowing if the material seized was over the 0.3% THC threshold. Dig helps out and provides the number to a tip line set up by police given in the article.

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